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Keeping Safe at The Lily Pad

September 8, 2023

When visitors arrive at The Lily Pad, its really important to us to make sure that our guests have the perfect break with us…

It’s also really important to us though to make sure that all of our guests – and the cottages – are all kept safe at all times. With that in mind – please be sure to take note of the following fire safety advice ahead of your arrival onsite with us!

Guests arriving and staying onsite with us need to be sure to comply with the following rules and regulations at all times:

  • E bikes must only be re charged with guests present and during the day and not left charging when no one is inside property.
  • Re chargeable vapes are discouraged and can only be charged whilst guests are present and not over night.
  • Any electrical portable appliance’s brought/owned by guests must me turned off and unplugged at night and when guests are not inside accommodation.
  • No extension leads to be used by guests
  • No candles are allowed anywhere inside any of the cottages.
  • No smoking inside property and cigarettes extinguished safely and disposed of in ash trays.
  • Guests must read fire notice inside door on arrival so they know what to do if they discover a fire and be aware of location of fire blanket and extinguishers.
  • Guests are encouraged to keep doors closed at night.
  • No deep fat fryers allowed to be brought in my guests.
  • Meeting point is displayed and guests must be aware on arrival of its location.
  • Guests using BBQ must be aware of our BBQ guidelines at no point must children have access to cigarette lighters or matches.

Remember that when you book to stay with us, you will also have access to our digital guest book which rounds up all of the important safety information you need relating to your stay in one handy to use app. In the meantime – if you have any other questions, please be sure to reach out to us today!